UT Student Paper Censored? Solution from ABC?

FANHOUSE notes the difficulties of working for a student newspaper covering big-time college sports. (See, kids, it’s not just the adults taking crap!) THE DAILY TEXAN sports writers have taken quite a bit of abuse for reporting student-athlete arrests, receiving veiled and really-not-so-veiled threats from the Athletics Department, students, and boosters.

FANHOUSE also adds this isn’t even the first Big 12 school to take abuse from the local teams, citing Bo Pelini’s snit fit against THE DAILY NEBRASKAN.

ABC News panders

Another member of the AOL blogging family has the solution and we’re here to get these crazy kids together. FANHOUSE, meet TV SQUAD. They spotted ABC NEWS putting bureaus on five university campuses for graduate students and upperclassmen to participate in, creating stories for ABC NEWS online and for television. Guess which university is on that list?

That’s right; the University of Texas joins UNC, Florida, and others on the initial rollout for ABC NEWS.

Maybe the Athletics Department can shove around the student newspaper and threaten 22-year-olds with impunity. After all, they’ve been getting away with it darned near forever. (We look forward to again hearing Will Leitch tell his college story of how Robert “Tractor” Traylor’s penis once prevented him from filing. Physically prevented him. Of its own accord.)

However, good luck pushing around Disney. The multi-billion dollar multi-national conglomerate won’t take abuse from universities just to curry their favor. ABC NEWS won’t bow to that pathetic attempt at bullying.

2004 BCS Championship tickets

We mean, until 2010 when ABC broadcasts the BCS Championship Game again.

Aw, to hell with it, kids. If you want to say what you mean, we recommend a new publisher.

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