UT Baseball Coach Removed From USC Practice

As USC’s 2008 season opener fast approaches, it has become increasingly important to stem the flow of information that could potentially make its way into the hands of the enemy. Sorta like the Bush White House but without all the leaks.

Augie Garrido, Texas baseball coach

Anyway, the Trojans are preparing for their Aug. 30 matchup against the Virginia Cavaliers and they may or may not have their starting quarterback. And during Tuesday’s top-secret scrimmage, USC security tossed out a possible spy. Or maybe it was just a rash overreaction since the perp was identified as 69-year-old Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido:

[The scrimmage] was closed to the general public, but open to family members and some boosters. … Garrido, who also coached at Cal State Fullerton and has won five NCAA titles, was kicked out of the Coliseum after he was recognized watching the scrimmage from the field.

USC played Texas for the national championship in the 2006 Rose Bowl, but the teams are not scheduled to meet this season unless they play in a bowl game.

Sources said Garrido did not think it was a problem for him to show up.

A USC official would not comment on how he recognized Garrido.

Hey, rules are rules. If the practice is closed to everybody but family members and boosters, that means no Big 12 baseball coaches. Sure, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and I doubt Garrido was working undercover for Mack Brown since the two teams don’t meet this year (and Texas actually won the last get-together), but Pete Carroll didn’t get to where he is today by allowing just anybody to watch a potentially meaningless preseason scrimmage.

In other USC football news, more weirdness on the freak-injury front. First, Mark Sanchez was the victim of the carioca shuffle, and now, running back Joe McKnight is among the walking wounded after having two fingers slammed in a a dorm-room door after the team returned from the movies. Not just any movie, though:

Coach Pete Carroll, who had taken the team to see an IMAX screening of the movie, “The Dark Knight,” does not believe that a dark cloud is following the Trojans.

“We’re unflappable,” Carroll said. “It doesn’t even register.”

Yeah, that’s what Christian Bale said right before he got cuffed & stuffed.

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