Ustream Viewer Knows Ochocinco Only Too Well

If you’re like me, you find Ustream a little annoying; I don’t want to read how Gianz4Evah thinks that “Philly SUXXXX” on the right side while trying to watch a video on the left. But Chad Ochocinco’s initial offering today was somewhat amusing, if only for the comments generated during and after his “Chad Ochocinco Show.”

Chad Ochocinco's Ustream

After about five minutes of watching Chad try to figure out how the thing works, he got busy answering fans’ questions and offering topics. “Hey, did y’all see Clinton Portis’ new hairdo?” At one point the doorbell rings, and it’s the cable guy, who’s there to hook up HBO. Ocho tries to get him to appear on the air, but the man declines … it’s a grand technological age we live in, ain’t it? But the comments were the best (sample above, and following the jump).

7:58 Vernon: Call Kim Kardashian

8:20 Sampson: You suck

9:15 WhoDayton: Take a trip over to the Patriots board…those are some delusional fans

9:15 WhoDayton: Mike Brown is a disgrace to his fathers name

9:15 Who2Dey: Paul Brown invented “child please”

It’s worth noting that the comments appear to be censored before being archived, so it’s better to watch them unfold live. (PETA will also be happy to note that Ocho was wearing a robe “made out of deer fur.”). He also continues talking for about 10 minutes after he thinks he’s logged off.

I imagine that it’s all part of Ochocinco’s plan this season to “have more fun” and quit complaining about being on the Bengals, as he has been directed to do by none other than Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington, Chad Ochocinco

Ochocinco sat next to Washington at a Lakers game in May, and rather than exchanging the usual pleasantries, Washington apparently laid into Ocho for being a malcontent.

“He got on me about the way I handled myself last offseason,” Ochocinco recalled in a phone conversation last week. “He wasn’t being gentle. He said, ‘You know what? You need to straighten up and stop fussin’ about something you have no control over. Make it fun again because it sure looks better when you do it that way.’ That’s all I needed to hear, especially from somebody like him.”

Washington also plans to come watch Ochocinco play.

“The good thing is, he says he’s gonna come watch me play, and I can’t wait,” Ochocinco says. “That might be the game where I get 500 yards. There’s no doubt that I’ll be back this season. It’s common sense. When I’m running my mouth and I’m happy, good stuff happens.

“I didn’t want to play last year; I didn’t want to be there. I was forced to stay. That’s behind me now. This will be a record-breaking year — I’m ready to rock and roll.”

Anyway, I couldn’t imagine watching today’s entire Ustream, but some did (he had about 900 viewers throughout).

I only pray that Martellus Bennett does not get hold of this technology.

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