USOC Sues Colo. Strip Club Over “Pole Olympics”

Well, now the U.S. Olympic Committee has really gone and done it. They’re willing to support Michael Phelps despite his bongariffic weed habit, but they’re not willing to let some Colorado Springs strippers engage in a little bit of friendly competition? That’s just not fair!

PT's Showclubs girls

(See! We can call it a cabaret, they use artsy black and white photography!)

Fair or not, the higher-ups at the Colorado Springs-based organization filed a cease and desist lawsuit against one of their hometown strip clubs, PT’s Showclub, after the cabaret (Can we call a strip club a cabaret? Eh, what the heck, let’s call it a cabaret) ran an ad in the COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE advertising their first annual Pole Olympics.

And how did PT’s Showclub respond? Quite cleverly, if you ask us: They ran the same ad again six days later, with the “c” and “s” at the end of “Olympics” crossed out. Touche’, PT’s Showclub, touche’!

Here’s the full rundown, from

The USOC recently “brought the full force of the law down” on a
Colorado Springs adult entertainment club that used the term “Pole
Olympics” in a newspaper ad. PT’s Showclub ran the ad in the Colorado
Springs Gazette on January 9. Six days later, the ad appeared again,
but the “‘C’ and ‘S’ in ‘Pole Olympics’ were crossed out with the
“At the request of the U.S. Olympic Committee: we changed our
event name,” said the nightclub’s owner.

So, the show must go on, and the Pole Olympics will run as scheduled. What constitutes a Pole Olympics, you ask? Well, we’re not exactly sure, but we are sure that it involves dexterity. We’re also sure that Allie Gator, that fabulous celebrating Florida pole dancer from the YouTube video we posted last month, and that you can see again below, would be a nasty competitor in it. In fact, we might put our money on her.

But could she beat out these two PT’s favorites, who are all but sure to compete in the club’s Pole Olympics?

PT's showclub hailey heart


Yes, we think Allie Gator could get the job done. Which is not to say that we prefer Allie Gator to Hailey Heart, she of the photo on top, or Bunny Bee, of the lovely photo below. And Bunny Bee might be a sleeper. She’s athletic, because she’s currently scubadiving in Cancun. Sounds fun, though possibly not as fun as a Pole Olympics.