USOC Aims Gun at Foot & Hits Chicago 2016 Bid

When USOC CEO Jim Scherr was ousted in a palace coup earlier this month (we mean, resigned at an incredibly sensitive time to spend time with someone’s family or some such), there were concerns the new CEO (Stephanie Streeter) would not have enough experience or influence on the international stage to close the deal on the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid.

USOC gunning for Chicago 2016 bid

No worries, though; she’s proven more than competent to cause schisms, drama, and infighting just like other Olympic committees.  For example, she still reports to herself because she never quit her place as a USOC board member.

Also, she’s not sure if she’ll move from Wisconsin to Colorado to run the USOC because this is an organization that should totally be run by video conferencing at the moment. And that’s not to mention the growing weakness of the Chicago bid itself…

You see, the IOC hates to gamble with house money.  They want all losses covered and to keep as many of  the profits as possible.  Therefore, they’re not taking too kindly to hear that Da Mayor still hasn’t promised to cover cost overruns.

Sure, Chicago might have the best transportation and the finest venues and those tasty US revenues, but that won’t help make daddy Jacques Rogge happy without insurance.  And now with all this noise around the USOC and a clear inability to get its act together at a key time (with the 2016 decision in October), now’s not the time to inspire a lack of confidence.