USF LB No Longer The Family Man He Once Was

South Florida senior linebacker Ben Moffitt has been portrayed as the perfectly dedicated husband & father, driving a 55-mile commute from campus everyday to be with his wife & two children - all while pursuing his football dreams.

Ben Moffitt South Florida linebacker

But the missus spoke out on Thursday, saying that Moffitt’s ‘family man’ image is a farce.

Shauna Moffitt tells the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES that Ben had in fact walked out on her and his 5-year-old son & 3-year-old daughter back in November, and has hardly heard from him since.

He is living a lie. He’s lying to everyone. He’s not helping (us) with anything.”

Well, this does put a damper on USF’s marketing of Moffitt as “Linebacker. Leader. Husband. Father.”

Shauna & the kids, notable attendees at USF games, were noticeably absent from the home finale when Moffitt and other seniors were honored. And when asked a week later why he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring, Moffitt said it was in his pocket and he doesn’t wear it during games.

Ben Moffitt USF linebacker daughter

Besides the claims of a deadbeat dad, Shauna has made even bigger allegations that she did all of Ben’s classwork, just so the linebacker would remain eligible to play:I have written every single paper he has ever written in five years at USF.”

School officials have made no comment so far on the possible academic problems. Meanwhile, Moffitt has referred all questions to his divorce attorney, who says of Shauna, “We’re disappointed that she would choose to do something in an attempt to damage his reputation and his potential for future earnings.”

Never mind the damage to 5-year-old Trevor & 3-year-old Rylan’s potential for future anything.