USC’s Leinart ‘Proud’ Of Bush: ‘Don’t Blame Him’

This week Matt Leinart was kind enough to bless us with his thoughts on his former USC football program getting bushwhacked with the worst NCAA football violations since the SMU Mustangs had their program terminated.

“It’s tough but no one can take away what we did on the football field there in those years. So whether they take the wins away or whatever it doesn’t affect us.

He is, however, disappointed at the sight of Heritage Hall’s lobby, which no longer displays the 2005 BCS national championship trophy. He said he and his teammates still have their championship rings to remind them of the title.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people I played with on those teams and we all say the same thing. Everyone who knows football knows we won those games and we won the title.”

They have a place where it’s all about football: It’s called the NFL.

Although the sanctions against the football program were caused by the actions of Reggie Bush and his associates, Leinart said he doesn’t blame Bush and talks to him regularly.

“Me and Reggie are very close and we talk all the time. It’s a tough time for him and he took this pretty hard but I’m proud of him. He’s held his head up high and he’s continued to move on. It’s five years ago and you have to move forward.”

Bush attended Leinart’s bowling event, but did not speak with reporters.

As for the future of USC football, Leinart said, “It won’t affect how they play on the field but it might be hard with recruiting. Once the ban is off I think they’ll be back where they were before, playing in title games almost every year.

So it’ll be “hard with recruiting” during the bowl ban years but USC will be “playing in title games almost every year” after the ban is lifted?

Nice to see Leinart has joined Trojan alums Bush and O.J. in the daily observance of opposite day.