USC To Keep Fighting On At The L.A. Coliseum

Guess those threats to move to the Rose Bowl on a more permanent basis were just that, as the L.A. TIMES reports that USC and the Coliseum Commission have come to a tentative agreement that will keep the Trojans at their home stadium for this season and beyond.

USC at the Coliseum

The deal, if approved by a vote of the commission today, will keep the team at the Coliseum for the next 25 years, plus give the school veto power over any move of an NFL team into the stadium (which isn’t going to happen because the NFL wants no part of the Coliseum; how long will it take the Commission’s members to get that through their heads?)

But that’s not the biggest change that would be forthcoming if the deal goes through (emphasis in boldface mine):

“The deal calls for major improvements to the venue, which the commission would fund with the sale of stadium naming rights. If that funding proves insufficient, USC would have the right to opt out of the agreement after two years.”

The purist in me hates the idea of re-naming old stadia with flash-in-the-pan corporate nomenclature, but I am busy racking my brain for possibilities that would be appropriately hilarious. Got any suggestions?