USC Recruit Sentenced To 4 Years For Robbery

Maurice Simmons was planning on spending his next four years at the L.A. Coliseum. Instead, he’ll be spending it at a California correctional facility.

Maurice Simmons Tommy Trojan

The LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM reports that Simmons, a football recruit for USC, was sentenced to four years in prison on Wednesday for his role in a robbery last March.

Last month, Maurice was found guilty of felony robbery, assault with a firearm and the misdemeanor of allowing someone to bring a gun into his car when he and an accomplice held up a man at gunpoint on a street in Compton.

The LOS ANGELES TIMES follows up that attorney Michael Carney was hoping to get his client probation, and a probation officer recommended the same sentence, “citing his potential as a college football player.” But when the judge handed down his heavy verdict, Carney described Simmons’ sullen reaction:

He’s stunned. He’s kind of numb about it right now.”

During the trial, prosecutors never accused Maurice of holding the gun during the robbery. But the same can’t be said for co-defendant Lamont Hall, who was given 12 years in the hoosegow. Carney says he plans to appeal Simmons’ sentence.

Maurice was to have been the second Simmons to suit up for the Trojans, following in the cleats of older brother Melvin. Other brother Marvin was also pursued by USC, but wasn’t academically cleared and went on to play for Kansas State. However, younger brother Marquis is already committed to Pete Carroll’s squad.

For those playing at home, USC is now 2 for 4 in Simmons acquisitions - as long as Marquis doesn’t mess up his chance.