USC QB Booty Should Be Booted For Backup

• Scott Wolf of INSIDE USC asks if the Trojans should give up the Booty for the dirty Sanchez:

USC John David Booty sacked

• Speaking of the men from Troy, CONSTRUDA finds one sad consequence of Stanford’s shocker: the Booties4Booty site is no longer relevant.

• The SOUTH AFRICA INDEPENDENT ONLINE laces up their jogging shoes, as they hope it’s all downhill for the 153-mile Spartathon.

• THE WAYNE FONTES EXPERIENCE seeks some therapy, as they outline the five stages of Detroit Lions fandom:

Detroit Lions Fire Millen fan

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT floats along the idea of beer pong in the pool.

• FIRE JOE MORGAN is looking for a hero, but they won’t find one from John Kruk.

• RANDBALL just wants the free food, as two lucky fans can win access to the Penn State press box:

Beaver Stadium Penn State

• 100% INJURY RATE follows through with this hockey player checking himself out of the game.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA is shaking in their boots, as George Steinbrenner makes other tenuous threats to his team.

• OPEN COURT teases us news of Venus Williams changing her hairstyle at 30,000 feet:

Venus Williams Hair

• With what went down Monday evening, JOE SPORTS FAN feels that A-Rod could use some friends right now - especially MySpace friends.

• Join the debate, as the folks at FARK call out their choices of worst sports announcer.