USC Coliseum Critic Praised The Stadium Last Year

CRUMMY COLISEUM WAS JUST FINE FOR USC A YEAR AGO: As the Trojans horse around with the idea of playing home games at the Rose Bowl, Scott Wolf of INSIDE USC weighs in on the SoCal shenanigans.

SbB Cecillia LA Coliseum

USC general counsel Todd Dickey complained on Tuesday how the L.A. Coliseum was in need of physical upgrades and “preventative maintenance” - in case things get shaken up by future quakes.Yet last October, Dickey was all aglow about the Trojans’ home field, saying, “It’s a great college football stadium. It was earthquake retro-fitted in the mid-’90s and should be good to go for decades.”

But Wolf wants to hear from the public about this matter, so he’s set up a poll asking fans where should USC play next season. The results so far:

USC Coliseum Vote

If the Trojans do move their games from across the street to across town, Scott predicts a compromise: UCLA will allow USC to lease the Rose Bowl, “provided USC lets UCLA lease Pete Carroll on game days.”