USC Makes Fake Threat To Move To Coliseum, Thanks To L.A. Times

LA TIMES SOMEHOW BUYS USC ROSE BOWL-MOVE THREAT: The LOS ANGELES TIMES makes the uproarious decision this week to report that the USC Trojans are considering moving home football games to the Rose Bowl (also home of UCLA, and a 30 minute jaunt from USC) because the school is getting pushback on an attempt to take over operation of the L.A. Coliseum.

Los Angeles Times USC Rose Bowl

For those of you outside Los Angeles, the L.A. Coliseum has been the home of the USC football program since 1923 (”the Trojans played in the first football game ever held there, beating Pomona College, 23-7, on Oct. 6, 1923“) and is located on the southern tip of the USC campus.The LAT reports the news with a straight face, and only in passing mentions a move to the Rose Bowl could be a possible “negotiating ploy“.

USC Fan UCLA Cocks Lost Again

Ya think?

Mark Mangino Borat Azamat Nude Scene

The chances of USC moving home football games to the Rose Bowl are about the same as a Mark Mangino Souplantation sighting (OK, no more postings of that pic for the rest of the week, we apologize).UPDATE: Like SbB, Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS smells a rat about the USC pseudo intrigue.