USC Hockey Goalie Mickey Meyer Moons Crowd Explains Lewd Move on the Ice

LA DAILY NEWS EXPOSES USC GOALIE WHO MOONED BYU: Maybe you’ve seen or heard about how USC hockey goalie Mickey Meyer wowed the crowd in Logan, Utah with his bare-butt exhibition during a stopage in play at a college hockey game against BYU last weekend.

USC Goalie Moons Crowd Mickey Meyer

What was Mickey thinking?

In an email sent to LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS reporter Ramona Shelburne, Meyer explained:

To be honest I’m a theatre student and at the time I did it to make people laugh,” Meyer wrote. “Obviously, it offended some people and for that I apologize as it was never my intention to offend anyone, or hurt my team.”

The junior from Clinton, N.Y., dropped his goalie pants, rode his stick like a horse, mooned the crowd and slapped his bare buttocks, police said. Meyer was ejected and cited for lewdness. The city attorney’s office will decide whether to press charges.