USC Football Players’ 4th of July Party Looks Fun

Despite the constant griping from members of the media that college athletes are innocent, exploited slave-laborers, they’ve got things pretty good. They get free tuition, out-of-this-world tutoring/academic support, monthly stipend (yes, folks, student-athletes get a monthly room and board stipend), and all the free athletic clothing and gear a lad could ever want. And then there’s …the other.

USC partiers 1

By other, of course, we refer to the, ahem, social opportunities available to big-time college athletes. A fine, fine example of what we mean can be found in the tale of the USC football players (pictured above & below) cited in Nantucket last weekend for “breach of peace.”

USC partiers 2

Any party that is so raucous it results in an official certification that it has disturbed the natural order of things is impressive, and the one attended by USC players Jordan Campbell and Emerson Griffen was no different if these pictures, from BROBIBLE.COM (via THE BIG LEAD) are any indication.

USC partiers 3

Considering it was the Fourth of July and all, we’d like to think that Campbell and Griffen were just honoring our founding fathers’ penchant for revolution and civil disorder. Of course, being college football players there’s a chance they didn’t know the date was anything special at all. OK, that’s not fair - just jealousy on our part? You’re damn right it is.

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