USC Football LenDale White Was Always A Dog According To Trojan Coaches

USC COACHES: LENDALE WAS ALSO IN-N-OUT AS TROJAN: USC football guru Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS catches us up on everything USC football (in case you don’t know, Wolf is no Trojan homer, which makes him a must-read):

• “If you ask the coaches, LenDale White was a handful for three years. He never was really in the shape they wanted him at. Even this week, a coach remarked that White would probably never want to practice in Tennesse without competition to push him. So maybe the best thing for him at USC was Reggie Bush.

LenDale White USC Tennessee

• “Someone asked if I cheer for USC to win or if I am indifferent? Reporters are not supposed to cheer for any teams they cover. That’s something that you learn early and usually sticks, unless you are unprofessional. And of course, some people are unprofessional in this business.

• “If no one cooperates, it will be hard to prove Reggie Bush or USC did something wrong.”

• “Haven’t heard about a 2006 DVD. But since USC did not win the national title, a lame copy and paste version sounds about right.”

• “I don’t anticipate any changes in unprofessional announcers or embarassing bloggers for next season.