SC AD Ponders Independence: ‘I think you have to’

Tuesday the BYU Cougars announced they were taking their football program independent and moving all other sports to the West Coast Conference.

Pat Haden says USC would consider going independent

Wednesday the Michael Lev of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER asked USC athletic director Pat Haden if he would consider the idea of USC becoming an independent in football like BYU.

Despite a new, lucrative television deal looming for the Pac-10 following the conference expanding to 12 teams with Utah and Colorado, Haden did not rule out the possibility at all. Far from it.


“I think you always have to look at every opportunity.

“We’re a happy member of the Pac-10. I don’t have any ulterior motives or plans to advance the ball on this. I think the Pac-10 with a new commissioner and new opportunities has some growth built in already.

“But would we every consider it? I think you have to. As an athletic director in today’s environment, you have to consider every alternative.”

Haden’s stark reaction has to have the folks running the Bowl Championship Series on edge, as if USC were to leave the Pac-10 at some point, you can bet other major football factories like Texas would consider doing the same.

If that were to happen, the machinery of the BCS would become obsolete almost overnight.