USC Announcer’s Regrettable Webcast Sex Chat

Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS has a vomit inducing interesting find today, pointing us to an online interview given by current USC football announcer Pete Arbogast. Arbogast can currently be seen on something called talking about the size of his genitals, his battle with impotence, and his favorite sex positions - all while his 14-year-old son watches and listens.

Pete Arbogast Pete Carroll

(I’m thinking Pete Carroll won’t be shaking Arbo’s hand anytime soon)


“Ladies, does performance matter more than size, can I have a show of hands?” Arbo (Arbogast) asks on the show sponsored by a male enhancement drink and a company that sells sex toys.

OK, a little distasteful. If only it stopped there.


There’s even video later of Arbogast’s wife coming on to talk about their love life and his favorite sexual position.

“Let’s just say it’s a number,” Arbo interjects.

Later, there’s a “tripod” reference he makes about the penis-enlargement drink that sponsors the show.

You can find a lot more where that came from by going here.

The most amazing part of Arbogast’s*performance*? Anyone who knows him, like me, isn’t surprised.

I worked with Arbogast at KMPC-AM in Los Angeles when the station was the flagship for USC football. Back then he was always cordial to me, but you could always sense that he wasn’t all there. Passive-aggressive with a hefty helping of self-delusion.

Arbogast was later fired by KMPC but somehow retained his job as USC football announcer. He never called hoops games, but did all he could through the years to undermine current announcer Rory Markas. And he was very up front with it, criticizing Markas and the USC athletic dept. for not hiring him to do the games to anyone who would listen.

That was a few years ago and he’s yet to get a fulltime job since, despite the fact that he’d previously worked in the Los Angeles market for decades and was also once the voice of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Oh yeah, and Arbogast’s father was also a legendary SoCal announcer.

So what does that tell you about the guy?

Since he was jettisoned from KMPC, Arbogast has spent much of his time writing columns on USC fan sites and updating his self-penned Wikipedia page (A must read!).

Hoffarth has spent years chronicling Arbogast’s kooky web entries, but this latest episode is the topper.

Hoffarth tried to contact USC AD Mike Garrett about Arbogast’s online sex chat to no avail. Many of you might think that Arbogast will get canned for this, and you would be wrong. This is just another in a litany of bad judgments made by the USC announcer, so if he hasn’t been fired by now, he ain’t going nowhere.