USC AD: If Bush Had My Soul He’d Return Heisman

Former star USC quarterback and NFL player Pat Haden guested on the Dan Patrick Show today. Haden, who was recently hired as USC Athletic Director, was asked by Patrick during the interview: “If you were Reggie Bush, would you give back the Heisman?

Pat Haden on the Dan Patrick Show

(Audio of Haden’s comment about Bush returning Heisman below)

Haden, after a long pause and sigh, replied:

If I were Reggie Bush with Pat Haden’s soul, yes.

Patrick: “Does he have your soul?
Haden: “I don’t know Reggie Bush.

Bush has given no indication publicly that he plans to return the Heisman Trophy. The organization that oversees the award, the Heisman Trust, has not asked Bush to return the award.

USC returned its copy of the award last month, making the announcement on the day Haden was hired.