USA Wins Without LeBron or Universal Healthcare

With the Beijing Olympics less than a month away team USA called on representatives from the 51st state to participate in an exhibition game Friday night in Las Vegas.

Carmelo Anthony Team USA

Despite being banged up; LeBron James missed the game due to an ankle injury, Dwight Howard is coming off a stress factor to his sternum and Dwayne Wade missed the majority of the 2008 season with a bad knee (climbing onto Star Jones each night takes its toll on your body), the USA beat the Canadaians and their universal healthcare 120-65.

Wade looked great in first action since getting surgery, surgery his insurance not the government paid for, putting up 20 points leading the way alongside Michael Redd and Carmelo Anthony who also dropped 20 in the lopsided victory.

The Canadian dollar may be a penny better than the U.S. dollar but damn it our basketball team is 55 points better, so take that Hozers. Team Turkey is next on the USA’s schedule of exhibition games.