USA Taking Dangerous Military Tech to Beijing?

Our geopolitical funny bone has been tickled to find out the United States shooting team had to receive a special note from their father (aka President George W. Bush) to Congress to take their weapons to China due to the Foreign Relations Authorization Act. We don’t understand; we were led to believe that everyone in China owned guns and sunglasses.

Yun-Fat Chow in A Better Tomorrow

However, that part wasn’t our favorite bit in the letter from the President to Congress. Apparently, the gyroscopes used in NBC’s high-definition cameras are considered military technology and also had to receive special permission. We didn’t even know NBC had any military involvement since “The A-Team” was canceled in 1987.

We can only assume the military applications can be fully realized by forcing the enemy to watch John Madden in HD. One closeup and BAM! You’ve rendered your enemy incapacitated without permanently harming him. (Well, except for the nightmares. For that, you may need to down a can of tough-actin’ Tinactin.)