U.S. Open Finally Finished - Glover Gets The Win

• Your 2009 U.S. Open winner is someone not named Tiger Woods.

Lucas Glover

Mark Cuban would like ESPN to put together a blacklist of sports blogs.

• Did longtime NBA star-turned-Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson get a U.S. inspector general fired?

• Coming soon to delightfully dance on a collegiate sideline near you - the William & Mary Asparagus?

• Fed up with the whole Favre farce, Vikings coach Brad Childress escapes to Alaska with Andy Reid.

• Former pro wrestler Brian Blair celebrates his Father’s Day by pummeling his two teenage sons.

• A tennis commentator claims that the women participants at Wimbledon are only there to “sell sex“. How much are they charging?

• An Aussie Rules football player gets in trouble for whipping out his wallaby during a live TV interview.

A-Rod’s recent rehab ritual: Getting lap dances from Kate Hudson.

• MLB players have nothing to Fehr, as union boss Donald steps down.