US Open: Come For The Golf, Stay For The Fights

Another nominee for parent of the year comes to us from golf’s national championship at Torrey Pines, in the San Diego area. Luckily, it wasn’t a father-son streaking team.

Caddyshack No Bare Feet

Some drunken behavior from a couple of fans escalated into a physical confrontation with a caddie. Who was it that had the joke about going to a fight and a round of golf breaking out?


According to a San Diego police spokesman, the spectators heckled world number three [Adam] Scott and his caddie Tony Navarro on the par-five ninth hole at Torrey Pines.

Navarro ducked under the ropes that keep fans off the course to confront the pair, a father and his son. After a brief physical exchange, Phil Mickelson’s caddie Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay intervened to help Navarro.

The two spectators, who had earlier distracted Australian Stuart Appleby on the adjacent 18th tee, were eventually led away by San Diego police.

Tiger Woods said the pair were being “a little loud and a little rude.” And as snooty and aristocratic as it may seem, there’s nothing worse than going to a live golf tournament and having to stand next to some guy that can’t hold his booze and respect the people around him, and I don’t mean just the golfers.

At least the guy is out bonding with his son. Most dads are out starting drunken trouble on their own. I’m glad to see golf is becoming more family-friendly. Now if we can still keep all the women out, everything will be fine.