US Open Champ On Tiger Talk: Take It Outta Here

2006 U.S. Open winner Geoff Ogilvy has some public relations advice for Tiger Woods when he re-emerges from hiding: don’t take that affair talk anywhere near a PGA Tour event.

Tiger Woods Geoff Ogilvy

I think he should actually come out in public before, not at a golf tournament. I think he should come out away from the golf course out of respect for all of the other players and to diffuse the circus part of it.

It would be the best thing for him, for every other player and for the golf tournament. I don’t believe a lot of tournaments want all the tabloid media floating around. It would be nice if he came out away from a golf tournament. Then when he came to a golf tournament it would still be big and crazy, but that tabloid edge might be gone.

His first conference is going to be the crazy one. A lot of people who have been afraid to ask questions for 10 or 12 years won’t be quite as hesitant as they used to be. And he is going to have to answer questions.

Ogilvy also suggested what tournament would be best for a Woods return.

The least amount of circus Tiger could face would be if he went to Augusta first. That would be the most controlled environment [only golfing media will get near the hallowed fruit orchard], but if he truly, truly wants to win Augusta, he’s going to want to play before then.

By quietly stripping Woods of hosting duties of the AT&T National in July, the PGA Tour tipped us off that Woods will not be back before then - so forget about The Masters.

From following this story closely from the very beginning, I think Woods won’t pick up a golf club until he resolves the future of his marriage. That apparently won’t come until Woods is out of reported rehab.

Privacy-miser Woods will do everything in his power to resolve the situation with wife Elin quickly, no matter the cost. And if the couple ends up staying together, that will likely stem tabloid coverage.

Ogilvy said he thought that the “tabloid edge” to Tiger coverage would diminish once Woods gets his first press conference over with. But if Elin leaves, and takes the kids, there’s no telling how long the tabs will drag out the story. Especially if Elin decides to go public.

If you want to know what Tiger’s going to do next, ask Elin.