Urinating Wang Comes To Blows Outside Club

Each morning, bloggers and columnists peruse news headlines looking for interesting material for commentary.  Some, like myself, have a soft spot for pun-rich lodes of comedy gold.  So imagine my glee when I was sent this story about a Chinese ping pong celebrity named Wang Hao who engaged in drunken fisticuffs with a security guard while trying to publicly urinate outside a Karaoke bar.

Wang Hao

ESPN.COM reports that Wang spurted forth the following, with commentary after the jump:

“I am the famous Wang Hao! I am the world champion! Does it matter if I beat you?” shouted the 24-year-old, according to a witness quoted by the papers.

While it is unclear whether Wang’s eruption was aimed at the security guard who intervened or meant to encourage his Lil’ Wang,  the two time Olympic silver medalist’s golden shower was clearly not the best of publicity for his team.  One thing is for sure though, Wang’s quest for #1 has met its stiffest challenge yet.  Here’s hoping 2009, Year of the Drained Lizard, offers him some relief.  I wonder what he was singing in the Karaoke bar.