Urban Meyer 911 Call Contradicts Previous Claim

ESPN has obtained the 911 call from Urban Meyer’s wife Shelley that led to his hospitalization after the SEC Championship Game on Dec.6.

Urban Meyer 911 call

(audio link to Shelley Meyer’s 911 call)

The Univ. of Florida reported to the media at that time that Meyer was being for dehydration, but obviously we know now that chest pains were the cause.

So why the ruse?

The same reason why Meyer refused to reveal anything about his health condition at his press conference in New Orleans on Sunday: recruiting.

If Meyer revealed on the record that he had a significant health issue, you can bet that teams competing with Florida for high school players would bring that up to recruits.

Not to mention it could affect a recruit’s own perspective on the coach.

The media has known about this sort of fibbing since college football recruiting began in earnest, so I’m sure no one is surprised that the 911 call contradicts what the Univ. of Florida and Meyer has previously tried to pass off on the public.

Not to mention that similar details were revealed when Meyer head-faked his resignation the day after Christmas.