Upset: Phils Have Cheapest Beer At MLB Ballparks

Do you think the price of beer at ballparks is too high?

Mandy Moore At Dodger Stadium

(The only good reason to dial down beer prices?)

Some people don’t think it’s high enough. Sports biz guru Darren Rovell shares some of his data (and his puritan values) in his lastest post.


Rovell at breaks down the price of beer by ounce at all 30 MLB ballparks, but then throws in this little bit, which he doesn’t back up at all.

At a baseball game, you’re just ready to drink. That’s why I think there should a minimum price for beer.

Well, I’d like to think that people who go to baseball games actually are there to watch baseball. People ready to drink usually watch the game at a bar.

Rovell then takes a semi-unwarranted shot at Phillies fans:

The Phillies are the cheapest, believe it or not, at $5 for a 21-ounce beer at Citizens Bank Park. You get any cheaper than 20 cents an ounce over there and I’d bet the atmosphere at games would change.

Yes, because they would then start drinking uncontrollably and wouldn’t be able to behave themselves! Because the only time people become unruly is when they drink alcohol! Alcohol for which they overpaid at the stadium, and certainly didn’t smuggle into the stadium themselves!

And of course, none of those 30,000-plus fans had any predisposition to violence before they were infected with the evil serum of alcohol! Noooooo!!!!


What happens when you raise prices? Consumers search for alternatives. So if we raise the price of beer exorbitantly (which Rovell insinuates we must do), what happens?

First of all, teams sell fewer beers, and they may not sell enough of the pricier beer to make up for the revenue loss. So by raising prices, your team could lose money, which could, theoretically, make them less competitive in free agency.

Secondly, fans that do want to get smashed stop buying beer. Now, they’re smuggling flasks of Jack Daniel’s past the gate in their jackets. Which means that instead of drunk idiots, we have drunker drunk idiots, which is the result of the environment that your arbitrary raise in prices just created.

It’s very simple economics; you can’t price trouble out of a ballpark. But if people will pay $10 for a beer, let them. Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting on a stool in an air-conditioned pub, screaming at the TV with a cool beer in an actual glass.