Upset: Notre Dame With Top ‘08 Recruiting Class?

We were reading in the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION today about our Georgia Bulldogs and their recent, remarkable recruiting success when we ran across this line in Carter Strickland’s piece: “Maybe the Bulldogs aren’t as hot as Notre Dame, which has the top recruiting class in 2008 despite an abysmal 3-9 season.”

Notre Dame 2008 recruiting class

Notre Dame has the top recruiting class in the country? Apparently all those kids missed the recent “Mythbusters” episode on the school’s football program (ok, we made that up).

Just to make sure Strickland’s assertion wasn’t island-bound, we tracked down an opinion in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED from the top recruiting expert in the country, CSTV’s Tom Lemming.

Lemming: “I have been evaluating for 30 years, and this is their best class since 1990 when they produced five first-round NFL draft picks.”

We’ve never had much confidence in college football recruiting class evaluators. You can now replace “much” with “any”.

As an aside, the ND class includes Mike Golic, Jr., son of ESPN radio morning guy Mike Golic. Not surprisingly, Master Golic doesn’t have an active Facebook account (at least from what we can tell). This might have something to do with it:

Mike Golic Nutrisystem Facebook Group

Some people have to ruin things for everybody.