Upset: Masters Discriminate Against White Guys?

The LONDON INDEPENDENT has the irony of all ironies today, as Colin Montgomerie claims to the Brit publication that The Masters apparently discriminates against guys like him (see fat, pigheaded, white guys).

Colin Montgomerie

(Kids excited to be so close to Bill Parcells stunt double)

Because he did not meet the Masters qualifying criteria this year, Montgomerie was not issued an invite to Augusta. But three players ranked below him were, and they all have something in common.

The three players, Prayad Marksaeng of Thailand, Liang Wen-hong of China and Jeev Milkha Singh of India all happen to be from countries with large, golf-loving television audiences. Montgomerie claims the tournament invites more players from those reasons in order to boost international TV ratings, thus increasing its overall television take.

Monty: “There has been no call from Augusta and I am not expecting one. Now, if I were the only person in the country, a la China, I might get in. It is a strange way to make up a field for a major championship — television rights. They are quite open about why.

It would be easier to swallow if no one was invited, and it was done on sporting and not commercial criteria.

Well if everything was done the “sporting way” and there was zero commercialism in sports, Monty and his generous bosom would be swatting the pill in a sheep’s savanna somewhere outside of Glasgow.