Upper Deck Teases Up New Cards Containing Hair

Chris Olds of the ORLANDO SENTINEL has been a bountiful bevy of amusing information for us on this post-Memorial Day day. First, he very graciously goes through every recent Playboy to uncover which athletes have shed their suits for the mag. And now, Chris shares the news of the latest hair-raising trend in baseball card collecting.

Babe Ruth hair card

Upper Deck will soon be coming out with a new set of card collectibles - featuring select strands of famous follicles. And it’s not just ballplayers getting the scalp treatment.

In addition to well-known sluggers such as Babe Ruth, Upper Deck will also be selling sets containing cards that have the hair & autographs of other historic figures - from George Washington to Geronimo. The sets are set to hit shelves on June 11.

We’re not so sure selling such sets is a sane idea. What if some crazed scientist or even some crazed lab assistant were to extract DNA from the card-carried follicles? Before you know it, monstrous Abe Lincolns would be roaming the Earth, terrorizing mankind!

It’ll be like “Jurassic Park III” - but actually entertaining!