Updated Photo Of Phillips’ 1st Mistress ‘Surfaces’

You just knew the New York tabs were going to drag the woman from Steve Phillips‘ first publicly-reported affair, Rosa Rodriguez, out of the cesspool.

Brooke Hundley Rosa Rodriguez Steve Phillips

(Phillips’ flings best described with two words: Shovel. Ready.)


The brunette who turned Steve Phillips’ head - and wound up in his bed - when he was the Mets’ general manager surfaced on Thursday with a knowing smile on her face.

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She “surfaced”? Or the NYDN camped outside her house to get a photo when she walked to her car?

If you want to know why the New York media is so hot and heavy on Phillips, read these grafs from the NYDN Rodriguez piece:

Phillips would lecture his female workers about the importance of maintaining a wholesome image while he cultivated a family man facade in six years with the Mets.

But in 1998, Phillips suddenly took a paid leave after learning that a former Mets employee who worked at the team’s Florida offices was planning to sue him and the team for sexual harassment.

When Phillips returned to work, he admitted to having a “brief, consensual relationship” with the woman and having “consensual sexual relationships” with other women during his marriage.

One of them was Rodriguez.

This frenzy is combination of hypocrisy, New York media market, and women who can be best characterized as shovel-ready. Perfect storm.