Unthinkable: Lakers Resuscitate LA Sports Radio

We worked in Los Angeles sports radio for several years, first at the USC football flagship, then at the L.A. ESPN affiliate. Unless like most major sports cities, sports radio in SoCal has always had stinkbomb ratings. That is, until the last ratings period.

Los Angeles Sports Radio Ratings

(Thanks Pau!)

Ben Maller of FOXSports.com and Fox Sports Radio points out that overall listenership recently doubled (.6 to 1.2) for sports radio station KLAC-AM. In what we’re sure is a complete coincidence, KLAC also happens to broadcast the games of the surging Los Angeles Lakers.

Meanwhile, not-so-good news for the ESPN station in Lipstick City.

KSPN-AM lost almost half it’s audience in the same ratings period, going from a .9 to a .5.

As we tout those sort of numbers, just to keep things in perspective, Boston sports radio station WEEI-AM recently pulled a 5.9 ratings share in The Bean. So talking up L.A. sports radio numbers is a little like strippers splitting tips after the Clippers pay a visit.

But we’re in Los Angeles and want to feel like we’re relevant in the sports media. So please, indulge us.

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