Unprecedented Feet Not Unnoticed By Sports Fan

Since we spend most of our year in Los Angeles, we’re really excited about the prospect of a long playoff run by the Lakers. And from this Flickr.com photo account, it appears we’re not alone in our undying *excitement*:

Pau Gasol's Gorgeous Feet

(Rojo soles really rock our Crocs!)

Laker hero Pau Gasol has a serious fan in “joulloue”, who either is Odor Eaters’ SoCal sales rep, or just has a natural affinity for athlete’s foot feet. And we’re happy to report that joulloue doesn’t limit his/her affection to just basketball players. Oh no!

Flickr :Loves Athletes' Feet

As you would expect, college football’s finest football player, “Giant Tim Tebow” also makes an appearance, as does “Sexy Jay Cutler“. Good times!

Sexy Tim Tebow

Very cool. But we have no idea how placekickers (Martin Gramatica? Anyone?) weren’t included. Not to mention the Americas’ (Central, South) favorite athlete’s foot endorsers.