UNM Student Gov’t Calls For Locksley Suspension

It’s safe to say the Mike Locksley Era at New Mexico hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. Well, that is, unless athletic director Paul Krebs planned on an age-discrimination lawsuit, press conferences with none-too-subtle references to the ejaculations, and a locker room fight between coaches. We really hope the Lobos expected more.

Mike Locksley Admits To Punching Assistant Coach J.B. Gerald
(Yes, this is serious. Face-punchingly serious.)

But as Krebs only handed down a letter of reprimand to Locksley and let him continue his job, the UNM students have apparently decided that it’s up to them to sheriff the Lobos.  Feckless human resources department, meet the Associated Students of New Mexico (ASUNM). They’re here to punch this problem in the face.

As the DAILY LOBO reports, the students want Locksley out until further notice:

A resolution calling for the immediate, temporary suspension of head football coach Mike Locksley made it through the first leg of the ASUNM Senate on Wednesday.

The undergraduate student government’s Steering and Rules Committee drafted a resolution concerning Locksley’s Sept. 20 altercation with assistant coach J.B. Gerald. The resolution will go before the full ASUNM Senate next Wednesday.

Krebs is in a tough place here, between a fist and a hard face. Obviously, he underdisciplined Locksley on the matter, and the students have a better idea of how to approach the situation. And if you ignore the ASUNM, you risk losing the campus as a source of support for the football team. That is a sensationally bad idea.

At the same time, if he acquiesces, he also cedes quite a bit of power in the relationship with the school. What athletic director wants his decisions (successfully!) second-guessed by student government? That would be agony for any administrator.

We’re supposing Krebs triangulates on this one and takes the approach of the Graduate and Professional Student Association on campus, who recommended counseling for Locklsey instead of a firing. That’ll probably happen, because it’s a compromise and everyone loves a compromise.

Meanwhile, among the power struggle between student groups and the school, one fact seems to be getting lost in the shuffle: Mike Locksley punched his own assistant in the face. During a coaches’ meeting. Name one other high-level university employee who could get away with doing that without anything stronger than a verbal reprimand. Oh, we forgot about tenured professors. Man, they can do anything once they get tenure. Maybe even punch their assistants in the face.