Axe-Wielding Sisters A Cut Above Other Beauties

Ever sit around in your spare time just trying to put together the perfect woman? It’s a lot easier to imagine her than it is to actually find her isn’t it? I mean, it’s not very often you come across a girl who is not only pretty enough to compete in a beauty pageant, but when she comes home from that pageant, she can chop down the tree in the backyard that’s interfering with your satellite signal. Or is it?

Turns out this type of woman does exist, and in fact, she’s not alone. She has a sister. I’d like to introduce you all to the Unger Sisters of New Hampshire.


Some might see the pastimes as complete opposites.

But two Danville sisters relish both their pageants and their woodsmen competitions. Each of them feels at ease holding a microphone or an ax, wearing fingernail polish or blue jeans.

At practice last week, University of New Hampshire woodsmen team members Christiann Unger, 21, and Arielle Unger, 18, ripped a two-handled cross-cut saw through a log in subfreezing temperatures, their blond hair tossing and the sawdust flying.

Christiann has won the Miss Gate City crown in Nashua along with competing for Miss New Hampshire last year, while Arielle is still waiting for her first crown. Though something tells me they’d have a lot more luck in the beauty pageants if they walked around swinging their axes.

Their next woodsmen competition is at the University of Maine on March 28th, so any of you guys out there looking for a date or a landscaper should probably book hotel reservations for Orono now.