Underage Drinkers At 4AM Will Love Van Olympics!

Jeff Lee of the VANCOUVER SUN has good news for local, underage individuals who previously used to try to sneak in bars until closing time. The Olympics will soon be in town, so drink up, kiddos!

Bode Miller Drunk

(Just replace the name and you have your 2010 Olympic Preview!)

Lee reports the Vancouver Olympic Committee has prevailed upon the city to allow Olympic-sponsored temporary venues to serve booze until 4am while also allowing “minors” into said “establishments”.

Oh, but it gets even better…

The new rules kick in November 30, 2009 and run until April 1, 2010. The Olympics in Vancouver are officially in town for only Feb. 12-28, 2010.

To be fair, the intent of the rule is obviously to allow booze sales in venues where athletes will be. I doubt we’ll have an epidemic of drunk Olympic athletes because of the enacted law, but it is a curious loophole for non-athletes. Especially considering the additional non-Olympic days and months tacked onto the license.

The only concern I have when it comes to the medal count though is keeping Bode Miller the hell away from the teenies on the team.