Undaunted By SI, Danica Gets Even Bigger Tattoo

Last week we told you Danica Patrick’s two appearances in the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Issue were marred by some clumsy editing. In the photos, Patrick’s back tattoo was edited out in some of the pictures - but not all.

Danica Patrick Now Has Bigger Tattoo

SI has since confirmed that it removed the tattoo from the photos as matter of some sort of absurd policy. But there was no explanation why some of the shots with tattoos remained.

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Patrick knew about the policy before she ever posed for the swimsuit issue, and I’m happy to report that SI’s photoshop efforts have not dampened her desire for more tattoos. Since her last shoot with Sports Illustrated, she has added even more body ink. Pics after the jump.

Patrick made an appearance at the Toronto Auto Show last Thursday, and did a TV hit with TSN’s “Off The Record” Show. While on-air, she was asked to show her now-infamous back tattoo.

Danica Patrick Now Has Bigger Tattoo

As you can see, she happily obliged.

Danica Patrick Now Has Bigger Tattoo

(Click for larger image)

The new additions to the flag tattoo aren’t a surprise, Patrick has mentioned it before. She was asked by AOL FANHOUSE last week, “if you had to get another one, what would it be?” Her response:

I love tattoos, actually. I know that’s probably not the most popular thing to say, but I just like that something means enough that you can put it on your body. Something that is that meaningful that it’s there forever. Man, if I got another one … I want something with words in it next time. Mine is a checkered flag-American flag with some angel wings and some stars and stuff. It’s a two-part thing, I got the first half of it when I was 19 and I got the rest of it just a few months ago, and I’m 26 now. So, some words. Some writing. Some meaningful writing.

So does that mean she’s going to get another tattoo featuring “some meaningful writing“?

Danica Patrick Now Has Bigger Tattoo

And after the revelation about its botched attempt to hide the tattoo, do you think SI will ask her back for another swimsuit shoot? With sales down for this year’s swimsuit issue, maybe this is the kind of publicity SI would want to drum up more sales in 2010.

Danica Patrick Now Has Bigger Tattoo

(She’s doing it all for the kids, and her tramp stamp payment plan)

I doubt it. Not to worry though, with those future tattoos, I’m guessing LOWRIDER will soon have a cover with Danica’s written on it.

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