UNC Thumps Nova in Conceivable Final Four Semi

In the worst possible type of basketball contest, the University of North Carolina jumped out to a quick double-digit lead against Villanova University and then refused to extend it for the rest of the game.  This led to the painful 8-to-15 point lead that lasts all night but can never be resolved by an amazing comeback or a blowout that provides quick death to an outmanned opponent.

Jay Wright shouts at Villanova players against North Carolina

(Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. Muck. Boring. Boo. Boo)

The fans that remained behind after Michigan State’s mildly unlikely ascent to the final game booed the Tar Heels as long as they could, but drowsiness eventually set in. The few remaining fans left in Ford Field by the end of the 83-69 snoozer did rouse long enough to boo throughout the post-game face time for Roy Williams and Tyler Hansborough.

Poor Clark Kellogg and Jim Nance kept referring to the “action” on the court, but we do not think that word means what they think it means.  (However, the f-bomb Williams dropped near an open mike certainly meant what we all thought it meant: he’s a North Carolina gentleman to the end.)

‘Nova couldn’t hit a three and North Carolina did everything well.  ‘Nuff said. (Well, there was that moment when Hansborough was cut but didn’t bleed Carolina blue or have his gritty stuffing slip out.  That was disappointing.)

Michigan State will need a miracle to slip past this robotic juggernaut.  ‘Tis good the game’s Monday night for the increased ad dollars.  You rush a miracle man; you get rotten miracles.