NC Recruit Sexes Up 14-Yr-Old as Brothers Burgle

It’s great when a family works together. It’s not so great when they’re working together to commit crimes - and it costs one of the family members a football scholarship.

Hadley Brothers Angelo Adrian Aubrey

Meet the Hadley brothers - Angelo (18, left), Adrian (24, middle), and Aubrey (20, right). Angelo was a star defensive back for Armwood High School in the Tampa area, ending his career as the school’s all-time leader in interceptions. He was all set to go to the University of North Carolina on a full ride. Now the only packing he’s doing is for jail.

Such a thing happens when you have sex with a 14-year-old girl while your brothers burglarize her home.

TAMPA BAY ONLINE reports that during sometime in mid-February, while Angelo was getting it on with his underage companion at her eastern Hillsborough County home, older brother Adrian & Aubrey snuck in through an unlocked sliding glass door (unlocked earlier by Angelo) and stole jewelry, cash and a shotgun reportedly worth $17,000.

As a result, UNC has released Angelo from his letter of intent. Oh, and the Hadley brothers have also all been charged with grand theft of a firearm, armed burglary of a dwelling and third degree grand theft. And I’m sure the Hillsborough County D.A.’s office can also throw in an additional charge of sex with a minor.

Make that two charges, as Angelo couldn’t resist going back to the same house in early April for seconds - a visit that landed him a count of lewd and lascivious behavior. In the meantime, all three Hadleys are sitting in jail, with Angelo & Aubrey each being held on $5,000 bail and elder brother Adrian being held on $10,000 bail. Adrian probably got more because as the oldest, he should have known better.

So what’s a football star to do while he’s behind bars? Perhaps Angelo should put Michael Vick on his one phone call rolodex.