UNC Finishes Off The Boringest Day Of B-Ball Ever

Boringest is a word. Oh, it may not be in your fancy “dictionary” (whatever that is) or anything, but any one word that so perfectly encapsulates the five hours of brain-killing boredom that unfolded today on CBS is an absolutely legitimate part of the American vernacular. And these utterly drama-free contests sent fans scampering for the remote… or the Vivarin.

Knowles Lucas MSU Louisville
(Not even the rarely-seen “Reverse Bavarian Ear-Pooping” could save this snoozer.)

Perhaps we were spoiled by the epic ‘Nova-Pitt game from yesterday, but it’s always such a disappointment when there’s such a lead-up to such a letdown. MSU’s win wasn’t competitive in the last 10 minutes. But UNC? They barely even needed 10 minutes of their own to put Blake Griffin and Oklahoma away.

Don’t be fooled by the 72-60 final score; UNC was in control the entire way, from the 13-2 run that opened up the game to the final whistle. When the Sooners put together a 9-0 spurt late in the second half, it still only got them to within 12; they’d get no closer until the final horn.

The important point isn’t that Tyler Hansborough dominated Blake Griffin in the individual matchup everyone was waiting for; quite the opposite, actually. It’s that UNC as a whole is so much better than Oklahoma that it didn’t matter what each player did.

So yeah, Griffin had 23 and 16, which dwarfs Hansborough’s 8 and 6. But that’s happening while Ty Lawson was pouring in 19 points and Deon Thompson added 18 more for the Tar Heels. Meanwhile, Willie Warren was the only Sooner to connect from behind the arc, and he only went 2-9.  That’s not going to make it onto the “One Shining Moment” reels unless these guys make another one:

So your Final Four is Michigan State facing UConn, while Villanova gets North Carolina. Looks pretty good for UNC, doesn’t it?