Ump Gets Suspended For Bump On Mets’ Manuel

Usually when a baseball manager and umpire get into a heated argument that evolves into bodily bumping, it’s the guy from the dugout who gets a suspension. But this time, it’s the man in blue who’s taking a time out.

Jerry Manuel umpire Brian Runge

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that umpire Brian Runge has been suspended for one game for bumping Mets manager Jerry Manuel during Tuesday night’s contest against the Mariners.

Manuel had come out to defend Carlos Beltran, who began arguing with Runge over a couple of disputed called strikes. Runge then threw Manuel out of the game, but not before bumping into the manager. Beltran continued to angrily argue with Runge before he was also tossed.

Manuel & Beltran were both fined by MLB for their aggressive arguing, but neither were slapped with any suspensions. Good to see that things are starting to go the Mets’ way.