Umpire Struck & Killed In Freak Cricket Accident

We all had a good laugh when that pigeon was accidentally killed by a cricket ball. Maybe it should have been a warning. An umpire was killed yesterday after being struck by a thrown cricket ball in Wales.

Alcwyn Jenkins

Alcwyn Jenkins, 72, was hit in the side of the head in “one of the most freak accidents you could ever imagine,” and collapsed immediately. He was airlifted to the hospital and died there.

Jenkins had umpired for the South Wales Cricket Association for 25 years, and was working a division one match in Swansea yesterday.

Eric Lewis, honorary treasurer of Llangennech Cricket Club and a member of the league management committee, said: “We were the fielding side and from what I understand they had been off for rain.

“They had only just gone back two or three minutes. Somebody had hit the ball and one of our boys threw it in as you do and Alcwyn was just in line and it hit him on the side of the head.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever held a cricket ball, but it’s almost a third of a pound and hard as a rock. So it’s less of a surprise that this happened than that it doesn’t happen more often.

Fellow umpire Eddie Blake said Mr Jenkins was “devoted” to the sport.

The 59-year-old from Swansea said: “He was one of the oldest umpires and he was a smashing guy - a real character.

“He was very popular on the local cricket scene and welcome in all of the clubs. Everybody respected Alcwyn and it is a big, big loss, not just to cricket but also to his family and friends.”