Ump Tosses LA Angels Pitcher After Two Pitches

John Lackey, one of the approximately 6.2 million Los Angeles Angels of Anywhere We Can Make a Buck pitchers that have been unavailable thus far this season, came back today for his first game of the season.  The sigh of relief from Angels’ fans had barely escaped their lips when Lackey threw his first pitch behind the head of Texas Rangers infielder Ian Kinsler, possibly for his two home runs Saturday.

Mike Scioscia arguing

Lackey (and Mike Scioscia?) must have truly been confident there would be few repercussions for this because the second pitch hit Kinsler in the trunk.  Who would throw out John Lackey, one of the best pitchers in baseball, on his first batter of the season?  As it turns out, umpire Bob Davidson would.

Ian Kinsler has been getting under the skin of pitchers this month and receiving bruises under his own skin for his hitting.  Bobby Jenks received a huge $750 fine for his headhunting of Kinsler earlier this May but only after admitting he was throwing a bit off home plate intentionally.

On the other hand, the Angels’ bullpen received a beating of their own after the ejection by Davidson, who can’t keep his thumb out of controversy. That ‘pen has to turn around tomorrow for an afternoon game and hope Jered Weaver can throw as many innings as he has the last few starts.