UK’s Rich Brooks Has A Word For Capsizing Boats

Kentucky football coach Rich Brooks, like most football coaches, is a tough fellow, most likely to be able to handle himself, even at the age of 66. Still a resident of Oregon after coaching the Ducks prior to Mike Bellotti, the Wildcats coach got back to shore after his boat capsized on him yesterday.

Rich Brooks in Oregon

After reaching shore thanks to a gravel bar that formed in the water, Brooks promptly managed to brush off the boat’s tipping over as “complete bull$–t.”

He was out with his son Brady and another boater on the McKenzie River when the incident happened, according to THE REGISTER-GUARD in Eugene:

The trio’s 15-foot-long drift boat overturned about 11:25 a.m., about one mile east of Bellinger Landing, located off Camp Creek Road northeast of Springfield.

Lane County search and rescue coordinator John Miller said a fisherman called 911 after he saw the boat capsize.

The occupants told rescuers that a strong current pushed their boat into a log, which caused the craft to overturn.

The search and rescue coordinator did not realize it was Brooks until after he made his way back to shore, and also possibly grumbling something about “that bull$–t log” getting in the way of a perfectly good morning on the river.

Others at the river mentioned Brooks’ continually loud exhortations about the boat being “all kinds of bull$–t” because it wasn’t tough enough to stand up to a measly log and shouldn’t have gotten beat on its underside like that.