UK Soccer Star’s Tip On Getting Girls: “Go Ugly!”

Continuing on a thought from Cameron’s Speed Read this morning, Alex Gerrard (nee Curran) must wonder if the sacrifices she’s made to keep up her WAG-tastic profile (doing her own nails, less visits to the hair salon, and other drastic measures) are really worth it.

Steve Gerrard Alex Curran

(”A hot chick! Run away! Run away! Oh … sorry, dear!”)

For you see, her hubby, Liverpool soccer star Steve Gerrard, admits that when he was on the prowl for female companionship, he wasn’t always trying to cozy up to the most gorgeous girls. In fact, there was only one philosophy he followed when trying to bag some birds: Go Ugly!

(With more pics of the very un-ugly Alex after the jump.)

The blokes over at THE SPOILER explain what Steve’s modus operandi used to be before grabbing fame (& grabbing Alex as his wife):

Instead of targeting the top talent and facing the possibility of humiliating rejection, Gerrard says he used to focus his energies on the more aesthetically challenging members of the opposite sex. “Go ugly, avoid the rush,” was the maxim he lived by when single.

Hear that, guys? That’s what you’ve been doing wrong all this time. Don’t waste your time trying to cuddle up with beauty queens -  just grab any ol’ plain Jane and do the deed. But before you get on the job, don’t forget to give the undercarriage a bit of the ol’ hows-your-father. Yeah, baby!

It’s now obvious that he no longer follows his own “Go Ugly” maxim - since he’s secured a sexy significant other who could fill a whole Maxim issue by herself:

Alex Curran

Alex Curran

Alex Curran

Alex Curran

Maybe Mrs. Gerrard shouldn’t bother anymore, since Steve wouldn’t mind. But the rest of us certainly would. So, don’t go changing, Alex!