Oh Boy, The Yankees Are Feeling Litigious Again

In our previous episode, the New York Yankees were suing being sued by a fan who dared to leave his seat to use the restroom during the singing for God Bless America, and was thrown out of the stadium. Of course the Yankees prevailed in that lawsuit, thus preserving American freedom … no wait, they lost in spectacular, embarrassing fashion. So the Steinbrenner brothers learned their lesson about taking on the little guy, right? Apparently not.

House That Juice Built tshirt

Fed up with steroid use in baseball in general and with the Yankees in particular, Long Island resident Steve Lore has trademarked the phrase “The House That Juice Built,” and printed up some nifty t-shirts to that effect. Not so fast, says New York Yankees LLP. Cease and desist, or we will sue you back to the Stone Age, or thereabouts. Let’s watch the fun.


When Long Island man Steve Lore trademarked the phrase “the house that juice built” to express his disgust over steroid use in baseball, the Yankees’ legal team came out swinging.

They are demanding that the phrase — plus Lore’s T-shirt design that shows the Yankee top hat logo with the bat replaced by a syringe — be banned.

That may not be Lore’s actual design in the photo above; not sure. But I have ordered several anyway. And apparently this case has been pending for some time. Here’s Lore’s attorney talking about it in April:

“It may be embarrassing for them [the Yankees]. However, our clients’ marks are quintessential examples of acceptable parody. When you’re big and famous, you have to learn to take criticism. If the Yankees want to avoid embarrassing publicity, they should avoid embarrassing conduct,” G. Mathew Lombard, partner at Lombard & Geliebter LLP, which is representing Lore and IET, said. “The house that Ruth built’ was coined long ago in 1923 purportedly by New York Evening Telegram reporter Fred Lieb – not the Yankees – the evening the first game was played in the original Yankee Stadium. Ironically, the Yankees have abandoned the actual ‘house that Ruth built,” he added.

Yankees, when will you learn? You couldn’t even keep the Freddie Sez guy out of the new stadium. How are you going to win here?