UGA, Okla. State Won’t Hold Pregame Handshake

Nice to see the college football season get off to such a dramatic start. Actually, it wasn’t that nice to see Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount slug Boise State DE Byron Hout after Thursday night’s contest. The whole ironic thing about Blount bopping Byron is that the game began with a ceremonial handshake between Ducks & Broncos players - a gesture designed to help promote sportsmanship.

no handshake

But seeing how such a show of goodwill concluded with a player coldclocking an opponent, Georgia and Oklahoma State have decided not to hold their own pregame handshake.

The ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION reports that the decision to forgo the handshake was actually made Thursday morning, so Oklahoma State AD Kevin Klintworth must have had a premonition about what was going to go down in Boise that evening. Klintworth said that “after much deliberation among our coaching staff”, the pregame greeting would be put off:

The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) has asked all college teams playing season openers this weekend to shake hands at midfield before the games as a gesture of sportsmanship.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy earlier this week expressed reservations about the AFCA’s handshake initiative, fearing that the convergence of 175 or so fired-up players at midfield could lead to some sort of out-of-control pregame incident.

Oh come now, has Georgia ever done anything to incite their opponents?

Oh, well - so no show of sportsmanship in Stillwater this Saturday. That doesn’t sound like something a real man would do.