UGA Gets Proactive About Unsuitable Memorabilia

As the University of Alabama sinks into an ever-widening scandal involving the display of current Alabama football player memorabilia at a Tuscaloosa menswear store, Monday the University of Georgia took a proactive step to slam the gate on such activity.

Georgia changes autograph policy at Fan Day in response to Alabama's Suitgate

(Photo Credit: Jeff Roberts - Birmingham News)

The day after Alabama’s fan day, which featured current Crimson Tide football players signing all manner of UA memorabilia provided by random attendees, UGA released the following statement on its official website:

Due to recent public issues surrounding student-athlete autographs across the country, no outside items may be brought to Picture Day. The Georgia Athletic Association will provide each fan with two free schedule posters to be signed by the players and Coach Richt. No other items will be permitted.

Despite the litany of NCAA violations now confirmed to have happened at T-Town Menswear, Joe Schad recently reported the following in an story titled, “Source: Alabama Found No Wrongdoing“:

The Alabama compliance office is monitoring the situation. The NCAA and SEC have not been engaged, the source said, because there is not believed to be an eligibility issue.

Following Schad’s report, Kevin Scarbinsky of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS reported:

An Alabama source said Friday that the school did not believe the eligibility of any current player was in jeopardy and that the school did not forward information about the situation to the SEC or NCAA

Alabama Players Knew About Displays Inside T-Town Menswear

Georgia may or may not have its own NCAA issues regarding memorabilia in the future, but at the very least the school is not going to allow NCAA violations to germinate at a UGA-sanctioned event.

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