UFL Starts Thursday! (If Only I Could Buy Tickets)

The United Football League begins play ON THURSDAY with the California Redwoods taking on the Las Vegas Locomotives in Vegas at UNLV’s Sam Boyd Stadium. (Coincidentally where the XFL played its first game.)

United Football League Ticket Snafu

(Obtaining Right To Witness Coaching Wizardry Of Fassel Not-So-Facile)

Seeing as I have Direct TV and the game is on Versus (so I’m screwed), I was actually thinking about trekking from L.A. out to Vegas to take in the game. So I logged onto the UFL’s official site late Sunday night to look into buying tickets for the game.

I started by going to the official league site here. Then to the league’s “tickets” page here. When you click on “tickets” for the first game listed, Vegas vs. California, you’re transported to, for some reason, UNLVTICKETS.COM.

So we’re three clicks in, and at UNLVTICKETS.COM I scroll down to the Las Vegas Locomotives text link on the site, and click “buy tickets”, which sends me here.

Next I scroll down to “buy tickets” for the game this Thursday, taking me here.

So after five clicks I get my chance to select my seats. Or so it seems.

I then enter “2″ for “best available” and I’m taken to the obligatory captcha page here.

Six clicks now … and I’m so, SO close to finally getting my precious seats.

After filling out the relatively obvious captcha number-letter combo, I get this message: “Delivery Method is invalid. If you want to try again, click here.”

Okay, my bad, maybe I misread the letters and numbers. So I start over and fill out the form again, along with the captcha.

Same resulting message: “Delivery Method is invalid. If you want to try again, click here.”

I try again, and again. AND AGAIN. Five times. No luck.

I even closed Mozilla Firefox browser and tried the process in Internet Explorer and got the same error message.

Finally, I tried to buy tix to another event on the site, just to make sure the Ancient Age I ingested courtesy a Cal coed before the SC game Saturday night had worn off, and sure enough, I was able to buy Lakers preseason game tix at Thomas & Mack on the same site.

So we’re four day aways from kickoff of the UFL’s first-ever game and … you know the rest.

Ironically (coincidentally?), there’s a large Stubhub.com ad on the UFL’s official site. For the game in question on Stubhub, there are plenty of available tickets, including a $45 seat in the front row of Section 107. That’s the 50 yard line.

Stubhub UFL tickets available

(Tix only available in limited number of sections? Hmmm.)

It’s also interesting to note that the tickets on Stubhub for the game are only available in the three best sections - at midfield on both sides. Does that mean that the majority of the stadium is sold out, reserved for the non-Stubhub-buying public or will it be closed off? Hmmm.

I have an email in to the folks at the UFL about the whole thing.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll take a Southwest hop out for the game. One really wonders though with the online ticket situation I experienced if the game will indeed go off as planned.