UFC’s White Calls Reporter a “F—ing Dumb Bitch”

I’ve been publishing SbB since 2001, and I’ve never, ever reported on anything as vicious and incendiary as what Dana White said about MMA reporter Loretta Hunt on his Youtube video vlog this week (via YAHOO’s Maggie Hendricks).

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

(Seriously Dana, get some help)

White, in response to a story Hunt recently wrote about UFC locker room credentials, unleashed an appalling five minute, hate speech-laced attack at the Sherdog.com/ESPN reporter.

During the disgraceful diatribe, White calls Hunt a “f—ing bitch” and refers to a source of Hunt’s as a lying, “f—ing faggot.”

And it’s all on tape - uploaded to Youtube at White’s behest.

After watching it, I don’t know who to feel more sorry for. Hunt right about now, or White once this video hits the mainstream media (it just did by the way).

The video is after the jump, along with portions of White’s comments transcribed.

Most of White rambling, hate-filled harangue isn’t worth printing, considering how he addressed Hunt and her reportage. But here’s some of the missives:

I just heard there was an absolutely f—ing retarded story written by Loretta Hunt. Loretta, you f—ing moron. …

Just to show how f—ing dumb you are, number one. … you don’t even know what the f— you’re talking about. … shut the f— up.

Whoever gave you that quote is a pussy, and a f—ing faggot and a liar.

Maybe you’re the liar Loretta, writing bullsh– f—ing stories. Everything that comes out of your mouth is f—ing stupid.

You f—ing dumb bitch, f— you Loretta Hunt.”

White also kicked in an obscene gesture while making the final comment.

Now for a little background on Hunt from one of my well-placed MMA sources:

“This Loretta Hunt and Sherdog have been banned from covering UFC for years. They are not credentialed to the events. Yet Sherdog is the content provider for ESPN and Hunt is their lead writer.”

Interesting. So not only is White verbally spitting in the face of Hunt, but he’s also, albeit indirectly, doing the same to ESPN.

Wonder how the Worldwide Leader will respond to this? Hopefully by airing the comments to an audience of millions, so people can see and here the real White.

So, do you now think White is the man who should be running UFC? Or should he be fired by parent company Zuffa?

Should Dana White be fired for his appalling hate speech against Loretta Hunt?

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After watching that display, I can’t imagine White will now ever be taken seriously again by anyone of import in the UFC, the business world or the media.

White’s actions also make him all the more vulnerable since his bosses (and longtime buddies) at Zuffa are enduring bankruptcy with their casino biz - and might consider selling the UFC business to shore up capital in their main enterprise. That might leave White with a new boss. For about 15 minutes.

UPDATE: MDS at FANHOUSE reports the video has been pulled.

… and we’re back!