UFC’s Cote Gives New Meaning To “Bottoms Up”

On October 25, Patrick “The Predator” Cote will be challenging Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight championship. So, how has the Canadian Cote been training for his upcoming bout? With a little backyard brawling.

Patrick Cote Backyard Diaper Wrestling

Steve Cofield of YAHOO’s MMA EXPERT BLOG alerts us to a fascinating photo essay over at CAGE POTATO featuring the Predator practicing his pummeling on some pals.

Unfortunately, as part of the photo album, we also get to witness Cote & a friend furnishing some fun by flashing their fannies. Photo of Patrick’s near-bare posterior is after the jump - if you dare.

Patrick Cote butt

(Patrick is on the right in the black & white thong. We don’t know why his blue-thonged buddy is giving a thumbs-up, and we don’t want to know.)

Yeesh. Seeing such a sight just might make Silva forfeit his title.

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